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10 Best Reasons For Developing Your Website In WordPress

WordPress is an online and open-source website creation tool specially written in PHP. It is the simplest and most popular way to create your own website. It is one of the best Content Management System available today. You can use WordPress to manage your whole website. WordPress themes allow you to have a professionally designed website without the expenses of hiring a professional web designer or developer for you.

Here are the ten best reasons why you should use WordPress to develop your business website.

1. Easy to use & manage

WordPress can be set up easily. WordPress interface is very much easier to navigate and use. You don’t need to be a web developer expert or an experienced coder to work with WordPress. All you need is an internet connection and a web browser to install WordPress and create your own website.

2. Open Source

WordPress is an Open-source CMS to all. It is free to install, use and edit with unlimited validity. Being Open source, you can choose from its uncountable variations and plug-ins in both free and paid versions from its official portal or any third party developer adding every day to ease your requirements.

3. Different possibilities according to purpose

WordPress allows you to create websites for different purposes or combining them into a single one. You can use different variations of this CMS for developing different kinds of websites like Blogs or Personal websites, Business websites and e-commerce websites & many more. 

4.  Readymade Plug-In for User-friendly Support

WordPress plug-ins provide complex business features to add to your website. There are thousands of WordPress plug-ins for different purposes as to edit and manage text, page, banner, popup, audio, video, product listing, business cart, payment gateway, contact form, social media connections, email & chat communications, database management, other web portal connectivity, etc. either in free or against a little payment. Adding any of them according to your purpose can add functionality to the core system. 

5.  Readymade Themes

WordPress can allow providing you different themes to have a professionally designed website. There are over thousands of free and paid themes are available from both WordPress and third-party developers according to different categorized requirements or nature of your website where you are free to make your own choice.

6.  Easy Transition to Develop Specific Design

Sometimes, transition with page design may be difficult because you may have your own preferred platforms. But, WordPress designing and development operates on a universal, making it much easier for you to transition from one designer to another. It is even easier to make any preferred changes in designing effects.

7.  Easy Back-end Editing

People love to use WordPress is just because of its simplicity. It is very much easy to do backend editing as well as you can make changes to your site. Apart from any very typical changes in framework, any computer savvy person may bring editings in the backend. It is recommended to be the best for post-production daily editing.

8.  SEO Friendly

Another main reason for selecting WordPress is that it is SEO Friendly. This is because that the CMS framework makes it easy for the search engines to crawl. There are several SEO plugins that you may use for performing different SEO tasks like Search Engine crawling, OS navigation, Google, Bing or Alexa ranking, link submission, etc.

9.  Better Security

WordPress has developed a lot of security features in present times as its newer versions allow you to build a much-secured website where your contents are protected from hackers, web bugs and malware. There are many specific WordPress security plugins for additional security management to help you to protect your website from the latest viruses.

10.  Low Costing

Being it is so easy to manage and equipped with a lot of features as an open-source CMS, it cuts down your website building costs to a minimum. It is not necessary to pay a lot after a designing or development or back-end management or SEO team to build your website using WordPress. Thus it even reduces your post-production running management costs as well and becomes highly affordable. 

Thus, as it is discussed, WordPress is a great powerful open source CMS,  it is going to be one of the better solutions for building your own website with great functionality, reliability, and security, however, being very much cost-effective. From personal experience, I would like to highly recommend you to use it and get the benefits for the development of any purposeful website.


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