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10 Best Tips To Make Your Site SEO Friendly

Do you have a website? But is it not showing on the first page of the search engine? Or you are worried about your website is not gaining enough daily traffic hit? There are certain techniques that you should know to gain traffic to your site and increase the rank in Search Engine pages. This is called SEO or Search Engine Optimization which is absolutely necessary for your website to make it popular in the web world. Search Engine Optimization is the power button for any kind of site to gain traffic and search engine ranking. This technique has a lot of activities that optimize the contents from its own search engine and decide with the traffic estimate, so that content should show on the first page. To make your website SEO friendly, you need to follow a  lot of activities which I have tried to describe here which I hope these will be helpful for you.

I) Domain name and URL:-

Before you start your site you need to think strategically.

a. Which audience did you want to target or attract to your website?

b. What is the purpose of your site?

You need to make your domain name and URL in an easy way with the keywords that usually your targeted audience search. It should not be very complicated nor extremely casual. Usually, people try to search by their needs on search engine and they practically search with normal words what they think. So you need to step on their shoes and think in that way to make nearly perfect Domain name and URL.

II) Research keywords:-

Keywords are the most important part to make your site SEO friendly. Google usually crawls from its contents and picks those words first which were mostly searched by people. Search the keywords first and then use those in your content. Search Engine usually goes for the rated keywords which are included and thus it crawls your contents. Once it is crawled by Google or any other search engine it is taken into their memory, database and approved spaces which helps your webpage to get a premier position when someone searches with that keyword. Choosing the wrong keyword can affect your site as keyword abuse and also the right keyword can help to make your site easy to reach the targeted people, as well rank will reach high.

III) Loading Time:-

The loading time of your website is the utmost important matter. If the targeted audience is coming to visit your website and if it takes a lot of time, then you might lose your audiences. It is not only the manual traffic, but online crawling including the search engine also gets hampered with slow and prolonged load time. Loading time depends on several aspects of the website like a theme, content frame, graphic designing features, picture quality, content quality, video and added extensions, etc. You have to be clever enough to choose your theme and other aspects and also you should optimize them. Also, a bunch of unnecessary, unmatched extensions may affect the whole thing.

IV) Meta tags & Meta description:-

Meta Description and Meta Tags are basically On-Page SEO works. It is a small piece of up to 320 characters, a tag in HTML, that gives a summary of a page’s content. Search engines show the meta description in search results under a searching topic. Optimizing the meta description enriched with proper keyword is a very important matter for On-Page SEO and to make your site SEO friendly. An accurate meta tag and meta description for a web page can help you both the ways to help your traffic to get into your page and also the search engine to keep your page in a considerably good place.

V) Provide enough content:-

Your site has to have enough content that the search engines can crawl well enough. It needs to have accurate and adequate original information so that it could gain its own popularity. As the content length will be adequate enough it should carry a good number of related keywords which will help the search engine to crawl through and promote the page better. Much it succeeds,  much time your reader will spend on your web-page. Content should be original, copyright-free, and well-optimized as by character it may be text, audio, video, PPT, image or anything else.

VI) Make your page crawlable & Get familiar with Fetch and Render:-

To get more traffic in your website, you should maintain a few things like-

a. Maintain plagiarized free content and try to post on a regular basis.

b. Your site should have speed, you can use Page Speed Insight to analyze and speed up.

c. Include a sitemap on your website. It is useful for visitors navigating your website and also enable spiders to crawl all the page links.

d. Create inter and external links in your website.

These tips will help you to get your site crawlable and SEO friendly. So that you can grow your traffic.

VII) Use Google Analytics:-

You have to measure the performance of your page before you plan and optimize. Google Analytics is nothing but a performance report generated by Google, the most popular search engine in the world which contains every on-page character of the performance of your web pages individually and your website in a combined way. Google Analytics report helps you periodically to plan properly to manage your content and features to make it more search engine supported and traffic friendly to improve your SEO rank.

VIII) Social Media Linking:-

Social Media is a big platform nowadays for promoting your site worldwide. If you add social media links of your website like Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, and others, these will help to promote your page through its online traffic and rank better by search engines. This process will not only help to rank your site more highly among search engines, but it will also show your potential viewers that your website is personable.

IX) SEO Friendly Plugins & Extensions:-

There are certain plugins that are required to tag with the website while building so that they could help both on-page and off-page SEO activities as well as search engine crawling like Yoast SEO, All in One SEO Pack, SEO Rank Reporter, Google XML site-maps, Pingback Optimizer and many more. This depends upon the CMS or CMF you are using. These plugins, as inbuilt with the website while building helps a lot with your SEO activities with its automated search engine attraction process.

X) Regular On-page & Page-activities:-

SEO activities have many divisions, On-page and Off-page activities are one of them. On-page activities are visible on Search engines and get traffics. The activities are like- Meta descriptions, Meta tags, Headlines, Links and many more. Off-page’s are all the promotions and social media activities etc. There are many study materials where you can study about this. However, regular promotions always increase visitors and traffic on your website.

Creating a website is not a big deal, but make it in top position does matter. To do that  you need to start study and practice. Making your site SEO friendly is a long term process. You have to be patient and keep practicing. I have only shared a few basic tips to start. Start with applying these options then eventually I will bring more information about this topic so that you will find an easy way to make your website popular.

Till then, have a good day and keep promoting!!!


Manager – SEO & Content Creation,

Cybertoss Pvt. Ltd.

Ishani has a huge attraction and interest toward writings and reading books. She has developed her passion-based skills for writing contents. Currently she is working as a Manager – SEO & Content Creation, in CyberToss Pvt Ltd for couple of years and has experience for a decade in the same field.

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