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10 Most Important Points To Maintain Your Accuracy While Working In BPO

Hello, Howdy?

Do you work in a BPO or Core-IT field or somewhere you are always under pressure for keeping your job accuracy level 100%?

As a matter of fact, in every job that we do in our home or office must have to be accurate. Not only BPO. Sometimes the parameters are observed, well checked and reported when you are working for someone else (in the office or so) and we let ourselves undergo unwanted pressure. Actually, keeping accuracy or making any job with top accuracy level is a virtue that could be maintained everywhere with concentration, exercise, and confidence. As BPO or IT firms work on such projects which are deliverable to the investor/buyer/sponsor (client), their top operational management is always sneaky about the accuracy and we think this is the hardest part of the industry!

There is certainly another kind of jobs, which are not monitored or checked that way and people work in there live in a lazy, unprofessional style. Even the working force is not aware of who it is going to be delivered and how. Most of such cases are subsidized or sponsored jobs or a job where the probability of improvement is almost zero. This kind of low morality working culture brings a huge unskilled workforce to the economy which kills it out within.

Let’s discuss a few points where at least a BPO worker may keep his/her accuracy at the finest level:

I. Never forget to recheck:

Whatever task you were assigned never forget to check it and repair once again before you deliver it to your manager. A consolidated recheck brings out a lot of tiny mistakes like typos, over-looking, lack of words/points which are gross may create a huge low score. It is the same as tasting the food before you serve it to your guests.

II. Don’t miss Grammar & Vocabulary:  

Check sentence structure, words, and Grammarly framing. Making a language mistake in a deliverable text loses the dignity of your client and of you as well. It is something like tasting chicken soup without chicken pieces or stalk!

III. Make a note of steps:

While training, please write down all the steps on your own in your own language including examples and exceptions. Also, try to mention logic why it will be or not. Now, while starting, do a first few leads following steps on your note. Never mind about your speed at this level. It is just a guided exercise to imprint the parameters in your head. After a few, your speed will automatically increase with given accuracy parameters. However, do not overdo anything exceeding your training manual.

IV. Concentrate fully:

A 100% concentration on work can only produce 100% quality job. Distract from your phone, tell your near ones to call you after the time, do not open any personal chat box or social media profiles parallel to work. Also, do not gossip with other colleagues. If there is something troublesome in personal life, try your best to keep it aside. I have even experienced some of my senior staff have made a few still mistakes due to these reasons!

V. Open up on training:

Ask deliberately maximum questions to your trainer that you think required to understand the project clearly and go through the manual repeatedly. Confusion on work, if any, creates slow movement and mistakes. A repeated study of the same manual gives you the best idea to produce the best.

VI. Exercise regularly:

Try to put yourself on some basic software where your projects are going on or even typing. A reference study at home helps a lot to work finer at the office. However, to be such a kind of professional, you have to cut down a lot of personal schedule for the time being.

VII. Sacrifice the disturbances:

Not only the above-mentioned point for. If you think you are groomed well and something uncanny is killing your concentration, cut down the stuff immediately. A friend who asks you for partying at training time or calls you repeatedly within work should be banned. They are the most killing and mistake creating parameters I have ever seen, you can take my word on it!

VIII. Satisfaction, is it there?:

Are you repeating the same mistake? Can not concentrate even after sacrificing personal events? I would say ask yourself, is this your cup of tea? Are you enjoying your job? If not, then try something else, don’t waste your time here. Everybody cannot be the expert and accurate in all the fields. If it is yes, I would say take a break. Be it a few minutes refreshing gap with smokes of coffee or a weekend tour when you are tired enough. Also, please note, a quick meditation in between work helps a lot.

IX. Meditation really works:

You have heard of Yoga and Meditation exercises. Nowadays, all the big corporate houses are implementing meditation practices as mandatory to make their employees stress free, mentally refreshed, charged from inside which helps to work almost error-free. Some motivational speeches and developmental training sessions are must attendance as this helps a lot too to be more perfect.

X. Confusion and Confidence:

Whatever the situation it is and however the boost up is provided when a new guy starts working on a new project, he/she gets confused with the future of his/her output. This is normal human psychology which leads us to a tension point about the result. You have to bring and establish your confidence out of this. Remember, confidence only comes from knowledge – theoretically from pieces of training and practically from exercise. More you will work more you will be error-free. However, also be alert about overconfidence which kills the practices and brings back to the error.

In conclusion, I would like to relief you with the real fact that all the projects cannot be finished with 100% accuracy. There are 2% grace for human error for some projects as we are not robots. However, it has been seen, regular focused practice and eagerness of self-development can bring the consistent 100% accuracy as I receive from fellow executives. A growing company always teaches better to be accurate in diversified projects rather than big houses where you need to be 100% accurate at work from the very beginning.

Enjoy your work at a Good Company!


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