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7 Best Qualities That You Must Have To Work Successfully In BPO

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) companies are growing very fast in the third world market, especially in the Indian subcontinent and Polynesian countries.  The criteria for choosing employees are also being critical along with the growth of this industry. There are a few qualities you need to have before joining the core ITES BPO sector.

1.  Understanding English:

The first thing you required is an understanding of the English Language. The reason behind this is, “ENGLISH” is the international language and when a company is in outsourcing business procedure it requires employees who understand the language and can converse with his customers or clients. 

2. Good communication skill with writing:

Although this might seem like a given, it is definitely worth mentioning in a discussion about the qualities of a successful employee of a core ITES BPO industry. Working on these companies, Communication Skill is the foremost requisite. Communicating with clients and customers in a proper manner is an important matter in this industry. However, effective communication skill doesn’t imply merely speaking; it also involves the art of listening, being apathetic, understanding the issues and conveying the solution in the manner best understood with your writing skill as well.

3. Typing & data mining speed:

BPO associates, especially Data Miners or who are assigned in a project of writing most should be efficient to work fast as every project has to be finished within the given time bar. However, you cannot mess up with the quality. In this industry, you can be placed in any kind of project like- data mining projects from various sites, typing related or call related and so on. For call-related projects, you need to upgrade your communication power but for the other projects related to technical things, you should upgrade your accurate typing speed first. The reason is you will have a time limit to complete your job and give the clients accurate work.

4. Analytical power:

Analyze projects instantly and accomplishing within the least time accurately solving the problems is one of the most salient facets these ITES BPO Companies need. If you are appointed for a project, you need to analyze how you will complete the task.

5. Web research capability, use perfect keyword:

We are surrounded by web nets in this era. Nowadays, companies are combining with the web and the keyword is an utmost important way to search about something on the web. To stay in the ITES BPO industry you need to have the good capability of searching on the web. To do that you need to understand and know about proper keyword.

6. Handling different websites:

In this work field, you need to know about the web properly. The much you have the knowledge about the web, that much you will get prioritized by the company. Websites made in different languages using different CMS for different subjects have to be extracted accurately to meet your purpose.

7.  Knowledge about Basic Software:

You need to have the knowledge of basic software skills to work successfully in ITES BPO companies. For example, you have to have well conversed with Software for communication like Skype, Slack and so on. However, the most promising quality that you must have to have is profound knowledge in MS-Office

What I have discussed now, these are the minimum criteria you need you crack to stay in this field. It is not rocket science but if you have the dedication and intention you will learn and will be able to upgrade yourself accordingly. The hunger for learning new things does matter. If you have this in you, you will get these qualities soon. Best wishes for your future prospects.


Business Development Manager,

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Sid, being a BCA, started his career in core-IT and Web Development and with his passion for marketing and business development he is now working as a BDM in CyberToss Pvt. Ltd for the last couple of years. He is an excellent liaison officer and project planner and creating new business scopes almost in a regular way. His blogs are always full of his creative ideas and real-life work experience.

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