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7 Best ways to improve your Communication Skills

Communication with each other in society is the utmost necessary skill to lead a happy and successful life. I would like to explain about means of basic communication skills and how to improve it. We need to know how to make a successful communication first. Communication is exchanging your thoughts with others through writing, speaking, body language or via other media meaningfully. So to communicate with others we need to THINK first. I have tried to describe a few points so that you can use these skills to improve your communication skills.

1. Think before you Speak:

Word is like a bullet. Think twice before you speak. If you say something which you didn’t want to mean then your conversation can turn into a disaster. Before you speak think closely what you wanted to say, what you want to mean, how you are going to represent what you think to the receiver. The important thing you need to do is Relax. Relax before you say something. It will help you to think and will prevent your panic.

2. Open your mouth:

You have to speak to communicate with someone. The first rule is being confident, speak in a clear voice and most importantly do not mumble while speaking. The second most important thing is, Slow Down your speech. If you talk fast then people will think that you are nervous and unsure of yourself. Try small talks first. While talking, you need to use proper words. If you do not know any particular word’s meaning then the best way does not use that word.

3. The finger is Powerful: Pen or Key-board

The best way to express your thoughts or feelings is by words, by your pen or keyboard. Get a paper and pen, or a document on your desktop and write down first what you are thinking. This is the best way to start expressing yourself and develop own communication skills. For instance, try writing down small incidents in your life or stories or something else like that. It will develop your communication skills.

4. Live expressions are Effective: also Videos

When a person talks to someone, expression to the receiver becomes important. The person on the other side can see our expressions and body language, which is important to make an impression and make a fruitful communication. You have to break your shell first. One of the best ways to practice your expressions is to stand in front of the mirror and talk and watch what you are doing. With a similar concept of modern days advance technology, people even make video communications with each other which also expects nothing but your best of the expressions.

5. Listen to Yourself

Listening is a strong way to learn. Listen to the proper pronunciation of a word or how others say a sentence. To work on that, you can hear some audios of famous persons and learn how they communicate with their audience. Record your communication with another person and after that play and hear your way to communicate with others.

6. Observe Everything

A newborn baby does not know how to communicate with us in our language. However, they observe their surroundings and what those people are doing or saying. Slowly they learn a few words and try to say it. Observation is something that can help your learning process. When you communicate with someone who has good communication skill you need to observe that person properly. For instance what kind of words they are using while speaking, their body language, voice tone, how they speak, etc.

7. Practice Makes Man Perfect

Learning without practice won’t help. Without practice, a human mind eventually starts to forget things. After improving your communication skill you have to practice over and over again. You can take help from several materials available in web-like PDF Tutorials, Video Tutorials, etc.

Communication is the utmost necessary way to live in a society. Without communication with others, practically none can live a healthy social life. The points I have described recently were a few ways to improve skills. There are also so many other ways. Hopefully, it will help.

I wish you very good luck to be a very good communicator in the future.


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