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7 Reasons Why Amazon.com Is Growing Globally

Amazon is growing faster than any other big online marketplace globally. Amazon offers a range of products and services through its websites. Not only it is one of the largest online shopping sites in the world, but it has also recommended as 3rd giant company in the World according to revenue earned annually from online business. It was mainly known for its wide range of books, although they expanded their sell-by electronics, music, furniture, and apparel and now, in a nutshell, it is very rare to find a product that is listed in the online market but not in Amazon.

A list of a variety of reasons why amazon.com is growing fastly Worldwide.

1. Innovation

Amazon is considered to be one of the most innovative companies. It has changed the way many people used to shop. Amazon always stands apart from others because of some unique element that makes it a perfect place for shopping and also a good place for eCommerce entrepreneurs to build their business as a seller. It has acquired a lot of goodwill for its buyer security systems like A2Z claim, instant action on customer claim, Amazon Prime, etc. and also for seller interest features like a free listing, FBA, etc.

2. Great Customer Service

Amazon’s Customer Service always shows its dedication to preventing and swiftly addressing problems for customers. This company follows “provide better customer support & increase your sale”. Amazon helpline and customer support team are always at your service for 24/7 either by call or by email to provide you with every possible solution regarding any query.

3. Global Resource Available

Amazon always makes selling internationally simpler and easier. In the US, it is clearly the retail leader. Amazon always enables sellers to sell their products across national borders. The marketplace has numerous numbers of manufacturers, brand owners, sellers, drop-shippers around the globe and you are allowed to make business with any of the Amazon marketplaces from anywhere. It is equipped with some awesome features like international payment gateways,  international payment cards, international shipping and warehousing, the growth of its business has reached to a full-throttle with a huge range of products from different countries.

4. Excellent Tracking, Return And Refund System

Amazon provides you excellent tracking system. It becomes very important for a customer-centric business where each and every customer wants to feel heard and there are numerous points of contact. Once an order is placed Amazon hunts tracking info from the seller and confirms the shipping and delivery within time. In case of return of a product for any sustained reason, maybe “no longer needed” or “damaged” it always secures deal within 14 – 30 days with a full proof refund.

5. Personalized Shopping Experience

Amazon is probably the most famous online retailer and a personalized shopping site in the US. Amazon page is personalized in many ways like account details, shopping history,  potential shopping needs and many more. Amazon automated systems can advise you with a parallel range of products, can help you with dedicated searching with auto-focused keywords to make your product search more appropriate within budget.

6. User-Friendly Features

There are a lot of talks going around about user-friendly eCommerce sites. Amazon is one of the best user-friendly websites put their customers first. Simple navigation, flexible options for payments and many more. Once you are registered with Amazon with your account, you will always be updated with deals, sales, discounts for purchasing and intimated for every order placed for selling.

7. Great Consumer Reviews

Product review is one of the major reasons why customers love amazon. Getting the psychology of customer reviews is very important for making smart business decisions. Amazon has fulfilled the satisfaction of the maximum number of customers worldwide day by day and received maximum customer certificate to become today’s giant.

Compare to other online marketplace companies, even the considerably large houses like Walmart, eBay, Amazon has still kept its growth acceleration in a rapid force. Let’s see, how much it could bring up its fame and goodwill with a highly competitive growing eCommerce market.


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