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7 Skills That A Good SEO Team Must Have

Well, it’s been a decade that SEO or Search Engine Optimization trends have started after Google has come to a supreme act as a search engine. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is very important in the web world now if you want to attract the traffic to your web pages, SEO is the platform to do so. A good SEO team must have a good strategic planner. Without a strategy, it is almost impossible to work on the right track. Combination of different experts which efforts, when combined in action, will provide you with the expected result. A team should have qualities I have described as follows:

1. What to do, what for and how:

To be in an SEO team you need to know about the basics of Search Engine Optimization.  First of all, we need to know what SEO is. It is all about optimizing website search engines, for instance, design and develops a website for a good ranking on the internet, upgrade the quality and volume of targeted audience traffic to a website.

2.Think Strategically:

Before you start working on SEO, you need to create a strategy to complete a task that has to be done by the project manager of that particular team. Although that person should collect the ideas from his teammates as well. For that reason, this is very much important to think about various kind of strategic way and create one. Like Promotions, Off-Page and On-Page SEO, etc.

3. Analysis of the Data from the ocean:

We are surrounded by data in this world, instead of saying that I can say we are under the deep sea which is created by DATA. SEO analysis or DATA analysis is the tool to boost the audience of that particular website or page. To improve your search engine result you need to go through the SEO analysis thoroughly. Otherwise, a team cannot make any decision or make a strategy to improve it. A team must have the analytical power to make the team stronger than before.

5. Knowledge about Technical Web:

One part of SEO is strong web knowledge technically. There are many different technical things, about which you have to learn and try to make your team strong and improve enough. For instance, White Hat SEO, Black Hat SEO or Spamdexing, Website Domain, Design, and Layout, optimize keywords-Meta Tags-Title-Anchor, Link Building, Misc techniques and so on.

6.Copywriting and content shrewdness:

Content is a very important thing about this SEO system. Every content should be original and before finalize anything you should check the copyright. Plagiarism is a big factor for your SEO project. A search engine will scroll the unique and original content from the web. Due to that reason, a content writer should be there in a team to manage the SEO content.

7. An eye for creative design:

Making your website SEO friendly is the utmost important thing. If you make your website in a complicated manner then it will be difficult for search engines like Google and others to segregate and scroll. After all, these are not human beings, who can think and do works. So making the website design SEO friendly is the most important thing to improve its rank.

8.A way with mortals:

This is the ultimate reason to do SEO. The purpose to do SEO for a website is to catch the eye of the traffic. The more visitors you have on your website that will help you to boost your website rank on the internet. For that reason, you need to make apromotional strategy.

The ultimate matter is, your team needs to have the basic knowledge of everything which is under or related to SEO management. The purpose is to make promotions and ultimatum is to make planning according to real-life scenarios with available tools. I hope this information helps you out to make the best. Good Day…


Manager – SEO & Content Creation,

Cybertoss Pvt. Ltd.

Ishani has a huge attraction and interest toward writings and reading books. She has developed her passion-based skills for writing contents. Currently she is working as a Manager – SEO & Content Creation, in CyberToss Pvt. Ltd. for couple of years and has experience for a decade in the same field.

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