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9 Top Digital Communication Mediums You Need While Working From Home

Like me, are you also stuck at home in this quarantine?

Due to the coronavirus outbreak from an epidemic to a pandemic, most of us are. With the offices closed, businesses stagnant, the entire economy seems to be static. 

Nonetheless, if you are an employee or employer from the IT sector, performing any services on ITES, you are still adding productivity into the growth/ development of the economy, by bringing foreign currency via working from home/ remote. 

However, we both know that it matters where we work ‘from’, and a lot of our productivity depends on the kind of working environment we surround ourselves with, and how efficiently we are able to carry on our task by actively communicating with our clients and team-mates.

Let’s discuss the best communication platforms that we use and depend upon to communicate with our client or team from remote.


If you haven’t yet set up a Google Account or Gmail, then you surely must be in need of a little more coaxing. Gmail is a bulk emailing media of Google itself. Gmail offers you with 15 GB storage space, fast and easy client communication via mails, online access anywhere, you alone can maintain it, it offers synchronization with outlook, here you can store instant messages (IM) and also video conference, it allows for easy search and lastly guarantees high security of data. With just one Google email account you can feel like you have got an entire IT team to support your organization. What are you waiting for? Open your Google Account today.


Use this medium even without a Google account. Also known as Google Talk or Google Chat is another very flexible medium for carrying forward effective communications. It has easy installation, you can now install Gtalk for your desktop, access mobile Gtalk for your android and android devices. You can even connect your Gtalk with your Google Account and communicate faster and better.


Skype is one of the most efficient communication mediums when you are working from remote. It has it all from easy and instant file sharing, Skype for Business has been optimized for mobile devices, seamless integration with an exchange, free and low-cost calls to impressive security measures. With a good internet connection and skype, you can effortlessly continue video chat conferences with your clients from abroad. Did you know that you can even screen share whilst you talk to your client? What could be better than this?  Get your Skype business account today for better client communication.


Slack communications not only makes communication easy but can also strengthen your business at the same time. Now, you may ask How? Well, slack allows you to have access to all your team communications at one place, you can integrate Slack with the online services that you use on a regular basis, and under slack, all your contents are searchable under one search box. On the other hand, slack is accessible anywhere, test your code snippets with the slack team for feedback, very eloquent for file sharing, and great scope for one-to-one or private communications.


We all know about WhatsApp and probably we use it on a regular basis for personal use. But, did you know? WhatsApp can be used for business as well. First of all, it is a FREE medium and secondly, it is a small file and can be easily downloaded. From video calling to chats, to sending voice messages, sharing document files, video files, images, to voice calls WhatsApp has got your back. Through WhatsApp, you can even send free international messages, form groups and engage in group discussions easily. The best part about using WhatsApp is, it has no hidden costs and no ads. You have all the reasons to use WhatsApp for your business communications and run your business smoothly.

6. Snapchat:

This medium is very much in trend and almost everybody is using it on today’s date. Lift ‘UP’ your engagement in the business by using Snapchats on-demand ‘geofilters’. Are you aware that since the beginning Snapchat has been the best medium to successively build your brand awareness? It is also quite efficient in terms of sharing important files, increasing your business’s social media presence. Use this medium to share attractive business coupons and hold noticeable contests. Without wasting any more time, share your important updates and exclusive content via Snapchat. Download and register today.

7. Zoom:

Zoom or Zoom rooms are the most sophisticated yet affordable conference room for remote workers. Best medium for providing educational and methodical training to your team-mates. This medium was designed to smoothly work across all kinds of tablets, mobile devices, and desktop that are supported by androids, Blackberry or iOS. With a bare minimum investment on Zoom, you can become capable of hosting 25 attendees or even scale up to over 200 interactive video attendees or up to 3000 webinar viewers. Without breaking your budget, with Zoom, you can now effortlessly set up high-quality dedicated rooms.

8. Facebook Messenger:

It is one of the best messaging applications used by brands to communicate with their customers worldwide. You can even use this communication medium for sharing important documents, images, videos, and other files. With its video chatting technology you can video chat with your clients and customers free of cost. It can also be used for voice calling and sharing audio recordings.


Safely stores the same apps, passwords, and settings across all devices, handy to convert, share, and automate your files. It allows you to host a website and start a page for your browser. It can be used to install android apps and ROMs.  You can also manage your BitTorrent downloads, and share files from images to paperwork. Also, monitor Your Computer for Running Tasks or Unauthorized Access.

I would like to conclude by stating that the above mentioned 9 communication mediums will surely help you to overcome all your communication gaps with colleagues, superiors and most importantly with your clients. Occasionally there are projects that require more collaboration or more communications or resource planning. It’s important to be able to mix it up, depending on how you’ll be the most productive!



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