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We are practicing to be the top-notch back-end IT Service provider Company in India. Our motto is to fulfill our client’s support requirements with zero error within the given time. As a BPO company, we provide our services by our highly efficient well-organized teams, leaded by experts to produce the best quality services according to clients’ requirements.

We provide services on these following fields:

  1. Complete Web Solution with Web development, App development with Web Design and Online marketing with SEO and Content writing support.
  2. Ecommerce Support in B2B, & B2C with TBA and Dropshipping Model for marketplace portal and personalized online store.
  3. Admin Support with Web Research & Data Mining, 24 x 7 Virtual Assistant service, Surveillance Assistance and Communication Support with voice, Semi-voice & Email or Chat process.

Do you have any confusion about the time period or accuracy on hiring us?

Our principle is to deliver the project within the time frame with 100% accuracy so that it becomes perfectly salable for our clients. Our punctuality and perfection offered at a very competitive rate help the clients to grow on their corresponding trades with maximum support against a less investment.

In CyberToss, when the client wants us to serve on a particular project within any of the aforesaid fields, we assure a professionally perfect quality service which is hard to receive from any other BPO Companies in India at our competitive rate.

The multi-layer expertise of our teams in various fields is key to our success. When a project is assigned to us we try to understand the requirement and the purpose to make delivery perfect.

  • We engage our experts of that specific field to undergo client’s documents to understand
  • They listen, ask and understand the purpose of the work
  • Project requirement is indexed and mechanics is mapped to furnish the demo for verification
  • Any suggestion, correction, addition is accepted sincerely
  • Perfection checked and time calculated to set
  • On job proof checking before delivery
  • Completion and hand-over the task 
  • If any post-delivery edition required is made

Trust us! We believe in perfection to be the key to success.

✔️ We professionally ensure data security, data perfection, and punctuality for any given task. 

✔️ We would request you to go through all the pages of our website to be acknowledged with our different service expertise, portfolios of IT outsourcing, testimonials, and be introduced with our great team members. 

✔️ We also ensure someone of our leadership will always be available with you for any emergency or related communication 24 x 7.

You are welcome to hire us to get the best service.

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Eddie Smith & Sid Jones

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