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Effects Of COVID-19 On Employment Agencies And Hiring With Solutions

When it comes to employment there are two sides to the story. Employers remark ‘good help is hard to find”, and on the other hand job-seekers complain ‘they are unable to find a decent job’, no matter which side of the coin you are on, you have come to the right place to seek some first-class advice.  Due to the uncertainties in the external environment, caused by the COVID-19, today most sectors are facing a vivid downfall. Did you know that 52% of business sectors have shortlisted their total number of employees since the COVID-19 pandemic?

1. Job Categorization:

Why do you need to categorize? Considering the post-COVID-19 situation, some sectors will level up more than the others and thus job categorization is crucial to get the dice rolling.
If you have been following the news, it is quite evident that the digital world is going to notice an instant boost. When I say digital, the entertainment sector and all services that enable digital entertainment are taken into consideration. Parallelly the transportation sector will definitely be on the rise, and so will be healthcare and e-commerce. When you target these specific sectors and list down their demands, it will not only benefit the firms but will also benefit the candidates guaranteeing them with job security.

2. Candidate Listing:

How would shortlisting candidates help? Once you have successfully completed the process of job categorization, next you need to sort out your list of candidates to select the best and deliver the best to the firms. In this momentum of crisis, it is best advised to select candidates who are good at multitasking. As it is a good way for firms to cut down on overhead costs and save money. You should always choose candidates who look promising and help you in maintaining your agency’s good reputation. This is indeed a great process in building your agency’s trust. And,  the firms will keep coming back to you for more quality recruits.

3.Discounts & Offers:

What are the benefits of providing offers and discounts? In the current situation, the income in the hands of the individuals has drastically reduced and now the only way to get their attention and to drive them towards your agency is by offering them a good discount or reasonable offers.
For example, why not offer them free training sessions in various niches? Earn their trust by guaranteeing them that it’s a one-time-pay policy, with 100% placement. Provide your candidates with discounts and special offers on the job placements that are currently in high demand.

Effects Of COVID-19 On Employment Agencies And Hiring With Solutions -estate-and-their-solutions1

4. Social Media:

You can definitely advertise in your local newspaper and magazine. But that advertisement will not reach out to a wide audience. So why not use social media platforms to your benefit?

LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter are some of the very efficient platforms for advertising your employment business. Post your images, or conduct virtual pieces of training, to get the most out of these platforms. You can even become a member of the Facebook market place and get to your targeted audience. 

5.Own Website:

Haven’t got a website yet? Get one today. Because your website or your online presence can make your agency look more genuine and create more brand awareness.
With a website of your own, your customers can now easily track you down and get all the information they need to gather about you. Make sure that your website is always updated and holds all the information that is essential for an employer and a job seeker. Always provide exact contact details that make it easier for your customers to get in touch with you.

6. SEO:

What is the role of SEO in your employment agency? Job seekers search for jobs in search engines and SEO is the way to improve your brand awareness among your customers and also gain popularity in search engines like google, yahoo, bing. 

Start by posting in various employment directories, classified submission portals of your particular niche, places where your target audience exists. You can even post an attractive advertisement for your offers and discounts on Pinterest, Tumblr, Mix, or even start your own youtube channel and promote short videos regarding your agency. And, to improve your google ranking implement on, on-page SEO tasks, use proper titles, keywords, and meta tags.

7. Better Customer Support:

Why would an employment agency need customer support? Well, customers drive your source of income and one happy customer can bring you more customers.

Make sure that you take care of your customers by understanding their grievances, supporting them till they succeed in cracking that interview that they were aiming to.  Keep your promises and be kind and diligent towards them. Learn the skills of how to keep your customers happy and coming back to your agency.

I hope the above mentioned 7 points were of good help to you. If you feel that you lack any of the required skills to implement the aforementioned, don’t get grumpy. Today multiple IT professionals and IT experts are available to take care of it on your behalf. From setting up your website, implementing SEO, managing social media, digital marketing, advertising, to performing administrative duties they can do it all. They can successfully drive more and more customers to your agency by using an overall creative marketing strategy. In case you need more information regarding how an IT expert can help you out, click here http://www.cybertoss.com/



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