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Effects Of COVID-19 On Real Estate Business And Their Solutions

If you are here reading this blog, I am sure that you are looking for solutions in regard to your real estate business. 

With the outbreak of the coronavirus, and the strict policy of lockdown, social distancing, and isolation, the real estate business is at a shock.  But with some creative marketing policies, effective advertising methods, and technology at our fingertips, our genius minds can work out plenty of remedies to solve this problem.


Without further delay let’s jump into discussing how this phase of lockdown can actually bring out the best in real estate:

1.Creative Methods Of Marketing:

Would you like to sell your unsold properties and increase your revenue earning? In consideration of the current pandemic, you need to come up with some creative marketing strategies to make that sale.

2.Web Research & Lead Generation:

What is the purpose of lead generation? Do you have a list of your probable customers or a well-researched property? Lead generation is the key to ensure your marketing and advertising success. The bigger your list the bigger are your opportunities to profit earning.  

This is where lead generation comes to a benefit. A well-researched list on your eligible property buyers and renters will help you in estimating the profit margin that you can earn in the near future. Start by figuring out what your targeted buyers are looking for, estimate their budget, understand which income group people should be your main target in this current situation.

3.Facebook & Instagram:

Only using traditional and digital methods of advertising will not get the job done efficiently. So how can you advertise like a professional?

Use social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, as the free mediums to advertise what you do. Post pictures on Instagram of your unsold flats, take your viewers and followers on Facebook to a virtual tour of your commercial open up, post on twitter about the latest discounts and offers that you are currently giving. By becoming a member of the Facebook and Instagram marketplaces you can level up your sales and attract your target audience.

4.Get Your Own Amazing Website:

Do you own a website? If not, then why should you definitely own one? Your big real estate business can look more genuine and promising if you have a unique presence on the internet.

It can create brand awareness and improve the effectiveness of advertising. This is also a very easy way to educate your customers about what you do, your latest projects and everything you want them to know about you. By the use of your website portfolios, your viewers can understand your work better. Always keep your website updated so that your viewers never miss out on your special offers, discounts and can always stay updated on your new residential and commercial projects.


How can SEO be of any help to your real estate business? To get the best out of your website, you need to have an excellent SEO strategy.

A great way to get hold of your target audience is by implementing some core SEO tasks. Start with online classified submission, online directories under your niche and attract your target audience, you can even open a youtube channel to take your viewers on a virtual tour surrounding your work. On the alongside you can also build up ‘Google my business page’, post ads on Pinterest, or Tumblr.

6.Customer Support:

Why would your real estate business need customer support? Well, now that you have succeeded in jotting down that very necessary and well-researched lead generation list, who is going to help you next? 

Customer support will help you contact those probable property owners or your eligible customers through emails, calls, messaging and in similar other ways. They will help you to get those customers through their magic of persuasion.


7.Unique Methods Of Saving Overhead Costs:

As I previously mentioned that you can improve your sales by selling at a low price, but now the question arises how would you do that? Let’s find out the areas where you can cut down your overhead cost and boost your sales. 

For instance, why not hire a single person who can take care of all your administration, handle your suppliers, deal with your customers, and also help you in making advertisement strategies? This will help you save the overhead cost that you would have otherwise incurred in employing a good number of employees. Similarly, you can also use telecommunication to your advantage and save a lot of money on traveling to places for conducting meetings and conferences.

8.Better Post COVID-19 Opportunities:

What is the point of doing business, if it doesn’t guarantee better opportunities, post this current pandemic situation? 

Make good use of this time at home and plan out your future prospects, and future projects, areas to invest in, strategies to undertake for cutting down cost, marketing ideas, figure the customer needs, choose your target audience and keep the dice rolling.

I hope the above-mentioned points were of your help. In case you are anxious about implementing them, you can always hire an ITES expert to get all these aforesaid suggestions done properly. An experienced Real Estate support professional can help you out in setting up your website with SEO related tasks, manage social media,  undertake efficient market research & lead generation, provide customer support services, look over the entire process via virtual assistance, and even engage in optimum advertising activities to attract more and more people to turn customers. For more service detailed content, click here http://www.cybertoss.com/



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