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Growth Factor Of Tourism Industry: Back-End Support

If you are here, I can assume that you too want to know more about how the Tourism Industry operations modified nowadays and what are the back-end process that helps it grow and becomes fruitfully functional as it was expected to be. However, before we go for digging into the details of the many factors that drive the Tourism industry, let us look and understand the term Tourism itself.

Tourism involves the word Tour, which is also called as Travel. Hence all the activities that individuals or groups of people perform, that involves traveling outside their home environment and staying in places near to their point of interest are considered as part of Tourism.

Now you know the meaning of Tourism but you still might be wondering the need for an organization associated with Tourism. You can have a debate with me about the fact that the individuals or groups of people can travel to their point of interest all by themselves. I would agree to the above point, but with the intervention of the Tourism Industry or Organization related to the same, it can make the whole process easier for the people. Such an organization can create plans or packages for interested people and give them special offers. Starting from the Booking of flights or trains until the food provided to the tourists, every aspect of traveling will be taken care of by such an organization.

Hence, after learning about the tourism and tourism industry in general, let us dive into the back-end process that is both vital and important for its sustenance and growth.


If you are a tourist and are willing to explore a city or a location that entices you, you simply cannot do it (most of the time) in just one visit. Hence until and unless you just want to visit the place in a day and leave the spot, you need a place to stay. Tourist organization often ties up with multiple hotels of varied ratings and hence can provide huge discounts on almost every one of them. Every tourist organizer will have a separate department just for providing accommodation to the interested customers at a very reasonable rate.

2) Food & Beverage:

An empty stomach can really make you feel low and as a tourist do you want to feel the same? No right. Hence having proper breakfast, lunch and dinner is really an essential part of the trip and is an important part of the package. Hence the tour organization always keeps a check in this department as a tourist would really be thankful to have food while traveling and it is a convenient process. Ordering the food and keeping different food vendors is an important process that is taken care of by the organization. Which food is to be served and what are the types of food one need to select, all such choices are taken very carefully, by taking care of customer choices.

3) Adventure Tourism & Recreation:

It is an added advantage to have something adventurous element in a tour package. Hence just to attract even more customers, an organization will include such outdoor adventurous sports or recreational events like golf and tennis, fishing lodges and so on.  It is always fun to get something extra out of the regular visit to a place.

4) Transportation:

Traveling always becomes easier and faster with proper transportation. There are several options out there in the world to reach or visit a place from one’s home. Transportation modes, basically, like Car, Bus, Train, AirPlane or even Cruise Liners can help any tourist reach their destination. Nowadays, for special tours, boats, choppers, caravans also in search. But what is the most optimum way in terms of time and money, that needs some research and in this case, there is a complete independent department which takes care of the same and hence provides lots of options with regards to transportation.

5) Entertainment:

This is an emerging sector and it is currently in an experimental state. There is a lot to be done in this sector, but it is already proving to be an effective way to make traveling a memorable experience. Even though it is not a vital part of tour and travel, but it is something that can ease the journey people make and give them a relaxing period in between. It can be a visit to an auditorium for listening to music or watching a dance show, or you might also get to visit some magic show as well, just to lighten up the mood and avoid the stress that is sometimes caused by continuous traveling.


Till now we have seen and hopefully understood the meaning of Tourism and the industry that revolves around it. We also have learned the various vital back-end process that is linked with Tourism. I hope you have received the knowledge that you were seeking for and hopefully, you would be able to pursue an engaging career in tourism.

Happy journey ahead of you.



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