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How To Do Effective Keyword Research: New Trend 2019

Keyword!! It is very crucial and as well a very important part of SEO. If you cannot use it properly, it may bring negative feedback towards your [website]. However, to avoid this part, we need to understand the proper usage of it. Here in this blog, I want to describe a few new trends of effective keywords research in 2019.

First, we need to understand, what a keyword is and what are the benefits? Especially in SEO!!

If I search in Google– “What is Keyword in SEO?” it shows us the proper answer as “Your SEO keywords are the keywords and phrases in your web content that make it possible for people to find your site via search engines.”

That means keyword or keywords refer to a word or phrase which most common and unique for the audience while they search on a topic using it. For example, if you are searching for someone who is a renowned content writer and works from this part of the world, your keywords will be “renowned content writers in India” or “renowned content writers from Kolkata”. Let’s move to further details.


Previously, Keyword searching was easy for SEO Professionals. They used Google Keyword-Planner to look up the popular keywords related to that topic and use it to create the page. However, this tactic was enough to gain a good amount of traffic. Now the day has changed when Google took away keyword-level data in September 2013 from the professionals.

After those tactics have been changed when needed eventually. As for 2019, there are few tips, which can be helpful to plan the keywords-

  • Search Volume vs. Number of clicks: Search volume is not a good indicator of traffic search. This means, you might have a high volume for a keyword, but not necessarily it has a high volume of clicks. So search for the word that has a good amount of clicks.
  • Search Volume/Traffic vs. Search Intent: This is one of the toughest parts. Most of the time people get confused between these two. There are mainly four categories for almost any search query with clear intent:

Informational: How, What (i.e., how to make cake)

Navigational: Branded Queries (i.e., Facebook, Twitter login)

Commercial investigation: Specific Attributes, “vs.”, “best” (i.e., brown shoes for women size 7)

Transactional: Buy, Download, etc.

To identify search intent, it is best to learn from Google.


The best way to find a keyword is to check the content type of the top-ranking pages.

Find Keywords:

While searching on a topic, we need to be specific about the keywords. So that search engines can understand the requirement and show us the most relevant results. The same thing goes while choosing a keyword for your content. Find and select it related to your subject. So that the audience can find your content easily.

Target the long-tail topics, which can help you, rank and attract traffic to your website. Long-tail topics come down to two things:

How much traffic does a page get?

Which keywords contribute to #1 page and how many?

One of the easiest ways to find it to look at your competitors’ traffic generating pages.

From so long there were many strategies and tactics were applied. Well, these are some of the trendiest ways to find keywords. You can indeed draw huge traffic by applying these methods.

To know more, check out some other blogs related to SEO.

Have a good day!!


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