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E-commerce is the trendiest style of making business online. You can communicate with millions of customers through your E-Commerce portal and make business with his/her shopping if you have the ability to deliver your products to his/her correspondence. However, there are a lot of complicated procedures that an E-commerce shopping portal owner has to go through like:
Communication with the client regarding their queries, orders, complaints, returns, compensations, and process with the solutions and replies accordingly.
Uploading products into the E-commerce portal database and make necessary corrections to the same so that the customers would not get confused and irritated.
Continuous checking and correcting product listings including their features.
Finding a cost-effective trustworthy back-end team to cover up the responsibilities on behalf.

We, at CyberToss, formed a specialized team of such customer support with experience of working on Amazon, eBay, Magento, Walmart and other environments. Our experts can provide you support to:
Answering customer queries
Communicating with manufacturers, vendors, warehouses and shipping service providers and make necessary updates.
Process orders, re-orders (in cases) and shipping.
Place claims with shipper, vendor or manufacturer
Authenticate customer claims according to given parameter and process for the compensation.
Correct and edit product listings with correct information and image.
Providing voice, semi-voice, and non-voice back-end support.
Generating reports from portals
Anything else in addition that you suggest
Anytime you can hire our E-Commerce support team of your required heads. We can provide you with the best quality services to both Product Listing QA and core Customer Support with B2B communication with your vendors on your behalf 24 x 7 at a very competitive rate. Our expertise can confirm that your business rating will never drop down from Amazon or eBay or your working portal as we know how to deal with this to facilitate our client. You are always welcome to communicate with us at the earliest to interview our E-Commerce team leader for hiring.