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Providing support to Ecommerce business is a very suitable task, however you need to be as proficient as we are. We provide support just to reduce your heads-up, long time involvement and many associated hazards to maintain everything right. 

We provide entire support to dropship, FBA, shopify, B2B and self website sales models.



The research of Product information

Research the detail pieces of information about a product like specifications, images, warranty, weight, etc. The sources we use are including manufacturer’s catalog, manufacturer’s, competitor and product review websites.

Data enrichment of Product

We care about Customers and create a wide range of product data enrichment to enhance their experience including categorization, tagging, product sell(up & cross), substitute products and accessories, as well as recommendations.

Product listing

Uploading and update new products into the e-commerce backend store, creating variants of products like size, color, quality, quantity, etc. We work with popular custom e-commerce environments and support different platforms and marketplaces including Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, X-cart, Yahoo Store,, eBay, Amazon and many more. 

Tools we use: AMZScouts, JungleScout, MSExcel.

Updating Price & Stock

We are here to update your product prices, implement special offers, and so on.



We provide support to the customers in different ways:

Voice Support

Regarding Products information, we provide outgoing voice support and help out the customers with the orders. Like, exchange, return, refund or anything else.

Chat Support

If the customer wants to get in touch with us, for that we provide 24X7 chat support. Where our experienced executive will be there always to help your valuable customers.

Email Support

Regarding product information, we keep the customers up to date every time with their queries or other products they are interested in.



Our experienced team are here to manage your entire inventory like order, stock re-filling, defective change and many more across all sales channels. Setup the channels with all suppliers and drop-shippers to receive entire inventory related information.

Pricing management and Order Processing

Pricing strategies, including the promotional price and evaluating competitors’ prices. Apart from that, we use copyright free HD images for various and any kind of products.

In order processing, we follow these-

  • Coordinate with supplier/manufacturer, place detailed orders.
  • Update order, shipment and tracking status, along with the returns procedure.
  • Communicate with customers related to orders.



Dropship Model

In dropship model, you can trust our Ecommerce R&D Team who will fetch you the best profit-making suppliers & best-selling products for listing. We use AMZScouts, JungleScout, MSExcel and Amazon Research Lists to purify your listing.


Our supports for the Fulfillment by the marketplace models or Third party web portal sales model is also as fruitful as other processes. We are very much experienced to work on various kind of marketplaces globally and the technology we use are FBA, Ship by Amazon, Magento, Shopify, customized Woocommerce, which will surely give you benefits! We also encourage Magento or custom CRM based automated applications to smoothen your business’s back-end. We control your listings, customer support, marketplace account, shipping & vendor contact all under a single roof using latest ecommerce applications. 


Apart from that we also give support to our respective clients in Business-to-Business process or B2B as well in Business-to-Consumer process or B2C. We have separate specialized wing for B2B support even with social media marketing, other affiliate marketing activities including lead generation for different segments and fulfilling daily requirements.


Our satisfaction is your business growth so that we can build a long term relationship to work for you in a considerably good volume for years. That’s why we charge a very competitive rate to ensure your primary growth. Contact us for a short trial immediately!