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Video surveillance system is a new age solution for security of your home or business when you are not in there. It is a complete computerized system which provides you the visuals of insides and outsides of your home and business through camera(s) which being linked with a computerized system provides you the spontaneous video information through the internet. CyberToss also has a privilege of providing surveillance Assistance service to valued clients. We provide services like:

  • Setting up surveillance cameras and connections
  • Setting up the computerized controlling system which would assemble videos from cameras 24 x 7 and      configuring viewing the same to particular gadgets where you can view it whenever required.
  • Installing Android Apps or Windows Apps to view the videos using handy gadgets like mobile phones or tabs.
  • Arranging manpower to watch on the videos 24 x 7

Hence, we provide every kind of hardware, software and manpower based services that are needed to execute the system purposefully. In most of the cases, where we are at a remote or far distance from you place, we could provide you service with surveillance watchman.

    • • We arrange 24 x 7 watching support divided into shifts per requirement
    • • There will be strict watching to every corner
    • • You or your local authority, in case you are out of town, will be immediately informed if any discrepancy would take place.
    • 24 x 7 video back up for 30 days will be provided for any reference

It may be an additional responsibility to you to watch after the surveillance videos 24 x 7, especially when you are busy with personal cause, important professional engagement or just sleeping in the midnight. Let our team work for you and be the remote watchman to your belongings in your absence. As we provide 24 x 7 services on shifting basis, you can undoubtedly hire us for your security. We confirm our best services as we consider your property is the most valuable asset to protect to remain unharmed.

For any further queries regarding our surveillance service you are welcome to contact us anytime you like. However if you wanted to know our other services or other updated posts, then you can also visit our slashdot, flickr, ezinearticles pages as well.