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We have gone through a lot of virtual assistant support programs provided 24 x 7 for a variety of trades while processing different kind of Admin supports to our valued clients. Whether it is a Doctor’s clinic, Hospitality service, Shipping or logistics service, Financial service, Insurance service, Telecom service or anything else our team is ready to provide you with the best. Our virtual assistant services include:

  1. 24 x 7 on calling service for both inbound and outbound,
  2. 24 X 7 live for chat service for both inbound and outbound, and
  3. 24 x 7 live for Emailing and messaging service for both inbound and outbound for
    1. Making calls and chatting/messaging for appointments, bookings, reservations, authentications and others
    2. Receiving calls/messages for queries and providing information
  4. 24 x 7 Office Automation service by receiving and making communications by phone, Website chat, Email, SMS, Hangout or Skype for the client and process, validate and report accordingly.

For an instance, for a Doctor’s clinic we can make appointments with doctor’s team for scheduled procedures, can receive appointment requests with doctor(s) and process them, can communicate with patients for scheduling and rescheduling and provide information regarding medicines, injectables, procedures,  drug stores, blood banks, medical investigation organizations and hospitals. We also have a separate team for transcribing prescriptions and surgical, investigation and procedure notes. Likely we can perform similar both way communication services for our client if he/she is in hospitality industry (like Airbnb or others), E-commerce business, Finance, Insurance, Construction, Real Estate or Management consultant. In addition, you can also enjoy specialized data processing team support (like medical transcription) with the 24×7 support from the communication team. Mostly such specialized supports are required in several sectors as mentioned above. We have such specialists in our team to perform the best at your project. Visit hubpages, instagram, picasa, issuu pages for more posts. Or see few common questions being answered on yahoo, amazon, quora.

We invite you to have a word with us to avail such a skilled virtual assistant at a very affordable rate.