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Improved Remote Assistance


Our team of Virtual Assistants works from remote and they exceptionally make your work life a lot easier. Two reasons to choose us, firstly we have years of experience and secondly, we are very punctual in whatever we do. We aim to assist you on a personal level with regard to whatever business it is. 

Our services are not just limited to one field but extend its branches to a lot more than you can imagine. For instance, financial, doctor’s clinic, insurance, hospitality, telecom, janitor, decoration, catering, and many more. CyberToss’s Virtual Assistants aim to…

  1. 24 x 7 availability and assistance
  2. Managing important events
  3. Efficient social media management 
  4. Undertaking Digital Marketing tasks
  5. Accuracy in preparing reports
  6. Managing calls, emails, and, calendars
  7. Hotel & restaurant booking and appointments
  8. And, lastly, 100% budget-friendly plans

Remote Secretarial Practice

Our online secretarial services solely upgrade your firms productivity level. CyberToss’s remote secretaries are well-known for their skills of exclusively advancing the firm’s efficiency. We are always on the call and you can enjoy our services 24 x 7. Our operations are scheduled for open hours. Our secretarial services can…

    1. Manage bookings and maintain diaries
    2. Sorting out arrangements for travel plans
    3. Enlisting appointments
    4. Handling social calendar (Google Calendar)
    5. Managing entire business profit earnings
    6. Co-ordinating important business conferences 
    7. Client handling
    8. And, lastly, services offered at very competitive rates

Backend Process Management

Are you looking for hassle-free backend support management? You have reached the perfect website for it. CyberToss team of professionals is passionate in what they do and procures you with the best services. We can entirely take care of the bulk loads of backend processes. Our team prompts the results within time and with the highest perfection. We can take care of…

    1. Entire accounts management
    2. Efficient inventory control
    3. Latest software and CRM management
    4. Affluent data accumulation and administration
    5. Downright marketing support service
    6. Authenticating backend process
    7. Strategic planning and implementing
    8. Increased cash flow

Admin Support

Our admin support services are distinctive in nature. We specifically focus on your business’s smooth functioning. Do you like to save some office space and some overhead costs? Our remote admin support services provide just the same. We can provide combined Admin Support in…

  1. Web research and data mining service
  2. Taking care of marketing communications
  3. Absolute office management
  4. Perfect product listing
  5. Complete marketplace management
  6. File conversions
  7. Operations via upgraded technologies
  8. 24 x 7 availability for service

Communication with Customers and Clients

We have been handling clients and customers for multiple years now. With the use of our soft skills and polite understandings, we ensure to give you a happy customer each time. CyberToss’s professional team is well aware that customers run your business. Our well-mastered skills guarantee your business a massive improvement. Communications with customers and client’s services include…

  1. Expert voice and non-voice support
  2. Making market survey calls
  3. Client and customer problem handling
  4. Sales and promotional calls
  5. Acknowledgment calls and verification calls
  6. Impressive E-mail handling
  7. Taking care of marketplace messages
  8. Social media and website customer care

Did You Know?

As a Virtual Assistant, you can impress potential clients over Skype. Today Skype has an overall of 560 million total users, around 124 million monthly log-ins, and almost 8.1 million monthly paying users. During the first six months of 2010 Skype generated $406.2 million in revenue. Although everyone is not paying for the services, that still sums out to be about 2.3 cents per minute averaged over the entire user base.

We as your VA can Save your Expenses and Time

With the detailed discussion above hopefully, it is clear to you now that the importance of hiring a VA to make certain things done by professionals at a very competitive rate to save both your money and time to enhance the growth of your business. You are welcome to contact us to hire the best quality VA team for you.

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Voice Support Service

Inbound and outbound voice process, promotional calls, survey calls, sell calls for your product or service, resourcefulness, problem-solving skills, clear and polite accent.

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Time Zone Flexibility

Any time zone team, 24 x 7 availability, project-based time schedule, production-based time schedule, high-speed broadband, VoIP calling, VPN authorization, time-saving CRM technology.

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Remote Admin Support

Trustworthy backend support, easy to operate from any remote area, save more money, time savior, project handling by expertise team without training, easily available for any shift.

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Virtual Secretaryship

Online personal assistant, flexible work option, database management, direct calling facility to any device including VoIP, maintenance web and graphic design.


“Virtual Assistants add to the assets of your company. Virtual Assistant Services are necessary for almost all sectors, be it for legal secretary matters, school secretaryship, department secretary, project secretary, and similar secretary services. Did you know that a Virtual Assistant earns an average of $64,272/year and up to $150,000 yearly? Working from remote, the expertise Virtual Assistants at Cybertoss performs the same administrative functions of an in-house receptionist or secretary. Our responsibilities include managing correspondence, making and receiving phone calls, overseeing the office schedule and appointment books, and other duties as per the needs of your business. We perform specialized tasks and assist you with various tasks depending on your business type.”

Shreebonti Neogi, HR Manager

3 Steps Following We Complete Work


Sit With Us to Plan

We advise you to sit with our expert VA Manager to make us understand what exactly you are looking for, what features you need, how you like to portray your service and who will be your target audience. Jotting down your ideas, we will create a demo for your unique one at the given time. We need your feedback after testing with data for next-level editing. This is mostly necessary to move forward to the next step of modification.


Budget Your Plan

Now, on the basis of your real-life testing result, we will make changes accordingly. In this step, several things may be edited, changed, altered or refabricated. We will check and modify the management of social media, calendars, emails, etc. and budget the project. Once the budget is negotiated, the 1st online demo will be delivered. We are always open to saving your pocket-pinch by using alternative technology to serve the purpose without wasting money. We also ensure you the most competitive rate ever.


Get Your Result

We ensure you with the full-proof result with our dedicated and creative mind experts who will serve you the best quality and budget-friendly service for the upliftment of your business. Our highly experienced and well-behaved team is here to serve you for any post-production complications or changes. You are always welcome to connect with us at any point of time without any hazards for your inquiry, and that is our responsibility. 


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