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Nowadays in BPO industry, Voice Process is one of the utmost important parts for customer support. Many BPO companies are there who rose to the extant limit by using this Voice Process. In CyberToss, this is also a core part of service. We have an experienced team to provide quality Voice services for our clients. There are people with best of the industrial skill in our team for both incoming and outgoing calling services. Hence the most obvious part of this ITES BPO industry is “Voice Process”. There are different kinds of aspects what this job needs.

• Survey Calls:- We do work on few projects where we have to gather information from various places, about many things. We believe that the Communication Skills are utmost necessary to talk to people whether it’s over the phone or face to face. We have our own Skilled and Professional team who showed their credibility in our previous projects and satisfied our clients. In Survey Calls, we collect data and authenticate the same for Lead Generation.

1. Lead Generation: –  We work on survey process to attract people to involve in our business. We call your customers to get the proper information as you required. We have updated few projects in our portfolio about gathering information.

2. Data Authentication:- When we do our Survey Projects, we do re-check the data for accuracy and perfection because, any kind of wrong data should not be reached to the clients, even by mistakes. We believe quality work with punctuality.


Promotional / Sales Calls: – There are many clients who wants to promote their business products or wants to make sales over calls to reach more customers. CyberToss sales calling teams provide those services as well as our expert team members, specially the sales closer, who have their own experience in various sales and promotion related industries.

• Inbound: – There are many criteria for the Inbound process. We provide Helpline desk to support the customers as the project required. Besides this, we also do Customer Support to help the customers with all their queries professionally.

Our CyberToss teammates complete these services and give you with perfection and within time limits. If you are looking for these kinds of services then have a look at our portfolio and contact us to get your job done with a very affordable amount.