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CyberToss provides the core BPO service. Although, we consider this as a kind of specialized customer support service which we would like to elaborate with some special features that comes under this particular field. Our web research team has an excellent level of performance by integrating intelligence and experience to produce the best result. Our services include:

    • Research on a given topic on web to find particular data or keyword
    • Retrieving required data from web and validate source
    • Filtering search process by altering keywords
    • Repeat search for unavailable data by altering source
    • Organize those in a given format to produce
    • Refine searches for data mining from Google and other renowned search engines.


For example, we search for authentic data from recognized sources for a given place or area. We search further by altering keywords or altering sources on the web If the complete data could not be availed to fill up all the parameter fields of production sheet. We have a team of having work experience for dedicated data generating websites like Craiglist, Zillow, Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Indeed, Monster, Appoloi, and social media sites like facebook, LinkedIn etc. Hence, our resource strength is always ready to jump into the action for web research and data mining for any given place/area around the globe. We ensure that they will cover-up this kind of web research based lead generation within a considerably short time with 100% authentic data, however, without being prone to any risk for human error, we recheck data before we deliver it to our client or upload to given website(s).

As we are working with a large team and miscellaneous data research and data mining projects we offer you our best services at a very affordable cost. It will definitely be our pleasure if we could provide you with any such assistance.