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Electronic media has made storing and transferring data very cheap and quick. Every entrepreneur needs a lot of data, however the range and nature of data changes with the corresponding alteration in business strategy. As such, many of the MNCs, are left with heaps and tons of database.  

Data accumulation for business and marketing, scientists, scholars, students, teachers, etc are done here:

  1. We mainly focus on analyzing data for meaningful and understandable conclusions that serve your purpose.
  1.  We also take care of the part of authenticating and validating scraped data from authentic sources for meaningful purposes.
  2. We use expert web research analytics with proper data mining techniques to find exact data for you in the shortest possible time.

With the use of proper key-phrases, we gather data from authentic sources like Craigslist, Zillow, Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Indeed, Monster, and social media platforms like Facebook, Linkedin, etc.


Web Research

  1. We excel in the use of top-notch web research skills and data mining tools to carry out any kind of online search for emails, addresses, company URLs, company details, etc.
  2. We ensure to provide web research of authentic data followed by lead generation within a considerably short time.
  3. We not only concerned with web research but also making sure that the data is mined from reliable and authenticated sources.
  4. We provide quality research to provide you with a wide spectrum of information to target the right market which helps you to organize and successfully run your business.

 Our team of expert professionals delivers the researched authenticated data within or before the expected standard time.


Data Mining

  1.  We have expertise over providing back end data mining support after complete web research for manufacturing, tourism, travel, real estate, e-commerce, health, and education industry without any flaws.
  2. We carry out refined searches by altering keywords. 
  3. We not only excavate business information but also look through the private details of your competitors to keep you a step ahead of them.
  4. We aim at getting the data mined for you with the highest accuracy possible within the shortest time frame.

Data mining is the backbone of any major business, our expert data mining team helps promote your business by evaluating competitions and market trends.


Data Validation

  1. Our expertise team not only mines the data but also cross-checks it with different data authentication sites like LinkedIn, Yellow Pages, White Pages, Google Books, Google Maps, etc.
  2. We are very sensitive towards meeting the requirements of our clients so you can be relaxed while you outsource your work to us.
  3. Our motto is to conduct a systematic and detailed data validation process which gives you an edge over other companies.
  4. We double-check to make sure that the validated data is then made available to the clients.

In the present generation of information technology, our team of experts delivers validated data researches that are devoid of spam or information from irrelevant sites.


Data Crafting

  1. Once the data is mined, we can store and represent it properly in different formats like pdfs, jpegs, MS Office, MS Word, MS Excel, MS Powerpoint, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.
  2.  We can export the mined data to you in your desired format. Whether it is about creating an excel database with dynamic formulas or a word document or the simplest pdf to extensive and illustrative images. we are pro at it.
  3. We believe that meaningful data crafting in a perfect and skillful way is essential for getting the most out of the mined data.
  4. We care to deliver excavated data that will help you to turn a casual web browser into a high-end value asset for your brand.

Our team of experts is professionals at enhancing proper data crafting considering it a must for proper interpretation of the required data.


Did You Know?

Wikipedia, a Wikimedia project powered by MediaWiki was started in 2001. It currently contains 5.974,740 articles in many languages, The major languages in which the articles are written are English, Arabic, German, Spanish & French. Wikivoyage, Wikinews, & Wikibooks are other non-profit organizations which provide free travel guide, free content news & free textbooks and manuals respectively.

Always Use Authenticated Data

It is always safe and ethical to use authenticated data sourced from renowned pages. To make your research more scientific use appropriate keyword by using Google Keyword Planner, Moz Keyword Explorer, KeySearch, Keyword tool, etc. We gather information from different and accurate entity to deliver correct details to our clients.

Website Architecture
Keyword Volume

Google Ad Keywords, Moz Volume, KeySearch Trends, Google Trends on keywords, Focus Keyphrases, Search Keyword Rank, Blogging Keywords, Content Marketing, Digital Marketing Keyphrases, Organic Keywords.

Website Architecture
Prominent Source

Craiglist data mining, Zillow data integration, LinkedIn lead generation, Yellow Pages web research, Google Books data integration, retrieving Facebook data, White Pages data analysis, Marketplace product research.

Website Architecture
Authenticated Data

Google Maps data visualization, Amazon data evaluation, Backpage data interpretation, Tumblr data accumulation, Reddit data compilation, Search engine data scraping, Orange evaluation.

Website Architecture
Customized CRM Handling

Oracle CRM Management, Swiftpage marketing, Zoho support, Inventory management, supplier management, Customized backend process, CRM marketplace link handling, Facebook Instagram sales channel handling.


Craig Newmark, the founder of Craigslist was started 24 years ago in 1995 by an email distribution list to friends. Headquartered at San Francisco, California it serves around 570 cities in 70 countries. The annual revenue generated by Craiglist in a financial year is around 694 million US dollars. With only 50 employees (2017) Craigslist has managed to serve as an important credential tool for the data miners of the decade. Craigslist is available in different languages including English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian & Portuguese.

Renesha Ghosh, Team Lead, Web Research Team

3 Steps Following We Complete Work


Sit With Us to Plan

We advise you to sit with our expert data mining experts to make us understand what exactly you are looking for, what type of data you want to be mined, how you would like to craft your mined data and who will be your target audience. Jotting down your ideas, we will mine and research the data accordingly. We need your feedback after testing with data for proceeding to the next level. This is mostly necessary to move forward to the next step of data validation & data crafting.


Budget Your Plan

Now, on the basis of your real-life testing result, we will make changes accordingly. In this step, several things may be edited, changed, altered or refabricated. We will check and modify the data, its attributes, format of data and budget the project. Once the budget is negotiated, the 1st online demo will be delivered. We are always open to saving your pocket-pinch by using alternative technology to serve the purpose without wasting money. We also ensure you the most competitive rate ever.


Get Your Result

We ensure you with the full-proof result with our dedicated and creative mind experts who will serve you the best quality and budget-friendly service for the upliftment of your business. Our highly experienced and well-behaved team is here to serve you for any post-production complications or changes. You are always welcome to connect with us at any point of time without any hazards for your inquiry, and that is our responsibility. 


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