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This project is one of the toughest projects we had ever handled to date as the team had responsibilities of scrapping down one-time numerical data from the web and manipulate them to certain formula based structures with formulae and calculations.

Our Client:

Our client had provided us with a challenging task and our team was skilled enough to take up the challenge and perform at the best. Our Client needed to gather his own client’s data and information.


The task assigned to us by our client was the most challenging that we had gotten to date. The challenge was to collect data and information for our client’s own clients.


We have specialized people for specialized projects. Our team had gone through each person’s documents to get hold of the required data. Collecting something directly or through something is somewhat difficult and confusing. We had assigned our expert team to take care of this task. Being excellently skilled in organizing, analyzing and activating data.


Our team had performed very efficiently, breaking down the task in easy parts. We were praised by our Client for the performance delivered by our team and today our team is even more confident to face challenging projects like this.

Further Scope:

Our client was satisfied with our performance. Earlier we used functioned in small units, today our client has increased the volume of responsibilities by assigning us with a wide range of tasks, similarly, we have increased in volume along with an increase in the number of heads. With our Client’s reference, we have been able to channel our work in diversified platforms as well.