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    Alon Babakobi

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    BPO Portfolio

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Client website

This was a different kind of project we ever got with the usage of WordPress and other tools.

Our Client: 

Our client Alon Babakobi was from Israel, used to upload offers of different categories of different stores using the backend process system.


The big challenge was to generate a big quantity of offer leads in one day without any repetition. The tasks needed more and more concentration to make it certain.


Our client was very helpful and we sat in different meetings to discuss our problems and solutions. We used the easiest CMS tool WordPress to publish the offers of different stores. Our experts used to meet the target every day within time with no error.


We used to submit our task within the given time and the client was happy to work with us. We got appreciation from our client.

Further Scope:

The client was grateful for our work delivery and referred us to other projects. We supported him on different issues like various back-end alignment issues, database connectivity, etc.