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Property related projects are always complicated. This project was to find each and every property details of Atlanta, Georgia.

Our Client:

Our Client had assigned us the task of Data Mining and Web Research. To do a detailed survey on each and every property-related information from Atlanta and Georgia.


The task was quite demanding as it was a detail-oriented task and required observant techniques for data collecting and presenting.


Our experienced team members had to find each property information from  Atlanta, Georgia. They had to collect the rate margins, sales value, market value and many more. It was one of the typical projects we had completed and was able to make our client happy with our provided services!


Our experienced team was capable of providing the relevant results at the required time. Our Client was very happy and satisfied with the quality of our performance and sense of punctuality.

Further Scope:

Today we have increased in volume, with an increase in the number of heads due to our increased job responsibility. Our client was so pleased with he has referred us to a few more clients and today we are successfully doing business with them.