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    Prashant Bhattarai

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    BPO Portfolio

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We have worked on many eCommerce websites with our expertise for promotion and customer service support.

Our Client: 

Our client, Prashant Bhattarai is from the UK. He wanted a designed attractive website for his e-commerce business. He sales his products in eBay and Amazon marketplace and also wanted to sell his products from Nepal to the, US, Canada, UK & EU. And for this massive intent, he needed a complete eCommerce support, customer support as well.


The main challenge was to promote his website to escalate product selling. As he wanted his website to be designed in a different way to promote it in most of the Europe countries. He assisted us a lot to get the idea and sat on different meetings for discussion.


We created an SEO friendly website with beautiful design and promote this through different top-rated Social media. Product upload with proper description and high-volume tags was done smoothly by our experienced manpower. As well as we gave huge customer support by communicating with them via email chat process service.


Our client was very happy with the feedback he was getting for the promotion. His sales increased enormously throughout the different countries in the Europe continent. And as a result, he is continuing his project with us. We hope that we can give him optimum results, he demands from us in future days.

Further Scope:

As the client is satisfied with our performance he increased our responsibilities and we are looking forward to his projects and others as well.