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Public Transport Needs To Be Improvised To Boost The Economy On COVID-19 Situation

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The Coronavirus outbreak is still making some serious headlines all over the news. Similarly, taking care of yourself and maintaining high-safety measures still remains to be topping our priority list. This pandemic taught us multiple lessons and parallelly the economy went through some drastic ups and downs. Here is another important concern. A lot of our people, a larger percentage, work in the unorganized sector. They need to attend daily to get their daily wages. So minimal their salary is that they are never in a situation to have personal transport. Hence, today, our prime concern revolves around public transport, its effects on the general public, and on the economy as a whole. Nevertheless, a huge number of the population is going to face famine being out of work.

What Is Public Transport?

The mode of transportation that you use on a daily basis to reach your desired destination with a sharing with a lot of people is known as Public Transport. Usually, this is maintained by the Government. Public buses, Local trains, Trams, and Tube rails in Metros are generally considered within. There are auto-rickshaws and shared taxis as well, however, the ratio is minimum and the rate is high. As the public buses are jam-pact, the common question is when will the local trains start running?

Why Does Public Transport, Including Local Trains Need To Be Improvised?

The unlock processes are already in and different sectors are opening up day by day. So, a lot of people need to be transported from the outskirts to the main city and vice-versa.  But the question that arises next is how well is their business running with public transport still at a halt? The discontinuation of public transport is causing some serious problems. For instance, the termination of the local trains is leading to a huge loss of manpower to be transported. Local trains, in India, can carry millions of workforce from remote to the city even at a distance of 100+ km. This abandoned service is additionally causing some great problems for the general public, especially for individuals who do not own a personalized vehicle. Some may opine that public transport will only increase the risk of the spread of the deadly virus, what if I say that improvisation can stand to be the sole remedy here? The local buses are not adding to an acceptable solution to the pertaining problem. Each bus is jam-packed. The passengers are not just risking their lives but are also incapable of reaching their desired location at the estimated. Our infrastructure is simply not adequate enough to opt for the local buses as an immediate substitute for local trains. 

How Should The Improvisation Take Place?

A little precaution glued together with an impressive amount of self-awareness can save the economy from the deflation state and jointly enable the general public to commute at ease. Will the improvisation measures be affordable as well as guarantee a promising safety? What safety measures should you adapt to travel on the train, bus, or subway is discussed further…

Regular Sanitization:

This activity should be regularly practiced by the owners of the vehicles. It dually guarantees the safety of the ones traveling and that of the owner as well. Multiple public transport services like the facilities provided by the RedBus are 100% adaptive to this COVID situation. RedBus deep cleanses their bus regularly and takes routine temperature checks. Hand sanitizers, blankets, linens, and masks for the staff are regularly supplied to all the travelers.

Maintaining Physical Distancing:

As per the government and the general conscience of an individual, this practice features to be extremely mandatory. Why should you maintain social distancing? This omits the virus from causing any further spread and allows you to stay in good health and stay protected. Wearing a face mask should also be taken into consideration together with maintaining social distancing. Some may raise the question that maintaining social distance would not require wearing a mask. This assumption is absolutely false. 

Contact Tracing Technology:

This technology enables individuals to trace other people who are in close contact with them. The contact tracing technology also aware the individuals of who are carrying the deadly virus or not. As the cases are rapidly increasing the use of this particular technology at the time of traveling in public transportation will come in pretty handy, ensuring every individual with great awareness and safety. So it should be made mandatory by the transportation authorities that passengers should efficiently use the contact tracing technology.

How Is It Going To Boost The Economy As A Whole?

The discontinuation of public transport is leading to a constant downfall in the economy as a whole. However, by adopting the above-mentioned transportation improvisations the economy can benefit as a whole. The commuters will enjoy an amount of ease, the transportation service providers won’t suffer any loss and the economy would go through a boom period as well. This is the most common agitation and the vandalism that today’s public is solely aiming at these days. It will be peaceful if Local Trains and Public Buses both could run simultaneously to ease the pressure with safety measures. 

The COVID-19 pandemic caused some significant impact on public transport. The debate still prevails whether the use of public transport minimizes or maximizes its spread.




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