Eddie Smith

Eddie Smith

Senior Operation Manager


Hey! This is Eddie Smith, an Economics graduate from the University of Calcutta in 1998. Currently, I am in charge of Project Operations of this organization. I started my career from the high school days as an intern faculty in a Computer Centre long back in 1992. In almost 25 years of professional career, It was a long journey to reach here through different ITES fields like Graphic design, CAD designing, Medical Transcription, Content Writing, SEO, Customer Support and various other Voice & Non-Voice BPO projects. These jobs sufficed my knowledge and experience in the industry, however, I was not getting the independence of leadership to lead a sector growing.

When I joined CyberToss, I was given complete authority to reshape the team by training and testing to be more creative and productive. Thanks to my colleagues and fellow managers to reach me here with their combined effort.

When I was given this challenge a couple of years back, it sounded me like an opportunity to be one who leads from the front and guides the entire regiment to achieve its goal.

I always loved teaching, and training people around in the fields of my expertise which gained me a lot of respectful positions later.

I had a parallel love for Literature, Music, and Stage Acting. This wide range of has made me a spectacular trainer of literature, language and communication skill attributes. Sometimes I share my ideas as a regular blogger at www.cybertoss.com/blog/

Reading books from any enriched niche and experimental cooking with different recipes are my best leisure. I love giving books as a gift and tasting newer recipes from household sources.