Saloni Rai

Saloni Rai

PM - eCom.


To start with, I’m a very interesting fellow, who’s very hard to understand.  I’m of a very friendly nature and love to be with people who spread love than hate.

Ambitious can do anything to achieve my aim. I’m of a very competitive nature but love to find good in small things. According to me, there are many things that make us depressed or upset, but that doesn’t mean that we stop living. In fact, problems are a sign of life. They make us believe that we are living. The only people who have no problems are in cemeteries. So we shall be fortunate that we have problems. It enhances our minds. This is the philosophy of my life.

I Saloni Rai, graduated with English Honors from Calcutta University. I have started working immediately to make my career after completing my studies. I love to play Basketball from childhood and have been a part of many competitions.  Apart from that, I love to read classic literature pieces from James JoyceCharles DickensGuy De Maupassant and etc. My younger sister is a special part of her heart.

There are many people living in the world having different personalities. This is the personality that makes everyone unique and different from others. Talking about myself, I’m a rare piece of myself. You can’t find a person in the same way as that of mine. I am a self-centered a fellow would do anything to achieve my goal.

Talking about family, I love my mother the most whom I address as a mommy. She’s motivating, encouraging and always goes in hand-in- hand with me. She has always loved to stay by my side when things go against me. She’s not just my mommy; she’s a companion for life.