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Top 10 Reasons To Choose Shopify To Start Your Own E-Commerce Business

With the emergence of E-commerce, the entire online business strategy has changed over the past few years. Nowadays, many individuals want to get their business done online with less investment after infra-structure. So, get your business running successfully by choosing Shopify over any other e-commerce platform will be wiser as this proves to be the best. You can run your own online store with Shopify without absolutely any tech skills. Shopify has over 1,000,000 active users right now, powered up 8, 00,000 stores and generated over $100 billion in Sales.

Still not sure?

Let me answer your ‘whys?’ and why you should always use ‘Shopify’

1. Pay-less, save your money!

Opting for a new startup? Haven’t got much cash to get going? Shopify is your ultimate solution. Shopify plans are affordable starting with $9 per month allowing you to choose accordingly with your required features as per your pocket pinch.  

2. Almost anyone can use it, easiest!

Lacking technical efficiency? Worry no more, Shopify has a built-in host and is taken care of by over 100 professionals, it has a wide variety of customization themes and templates, ‘plug and play’ solution, marketing and SEO benefits and cross-channel selling. Altogether making your site look visually appealing with high marketability.

3. Plenty of in-built tools to choose from, Customize!

Could you sell your blog and your designer jewelry on the same platform? With Shopify, you can. Be it your blog, garments, jewelry, home decor, books or gadgets. You can sell it all under the same roof because Shopify provides you an entire toolbox to do so. So, no platform hunting.

4. Easiest Back-end Administration, No developer needed!

An e-commerce store owner spends a lot of his time in the backend of his website or has to hire a developer for changes needed, Shopify makes your administrative chores easy with easy to use features like the drop-down settings, paste-in Analytics fields, and the setup checklist. 

5. Numerous diversity on a hugely large app-store!

The ecosystem of Shopify is quite similar to iOS and Google Play, an app store having over 1,400 free as well as paid apps. These apps are easy to use and run smoothly in your device without any compatibility issues.  With Shopify, you get access to a variety of tools and apps which are designed especially for the improved functionality of your business.

6. Help needed? Large Professional Developers Community!

For any kind of tech help and guidance, be it the installation of an add-on application, some serious marketing guidance or even an issue as petty as custom design, the Shopify professional developers’ teams has got your back. So, worry no more.

7. Powerful Marketing Tools, Awesome Business Promotion!

Being a “One-Stop Solution” Shopify has a strong marketing base to hook you up with. Along with e-commerce analytics, the basic version of Shopify also offers eloquent SEO features with quite a number of marketing tools like discount coupons, vouchers, gift cards, targeted e-marketing and many more.

8. Mobile-Friendly or any gadget you use for communication!

With an increasing number of online Mobile Shoppers by the day and everybody has a Smartphone your e-commerce should have high Mobile Responsiveness for the successful running of it. Shopify has Mobile Responsive themes that can also be used to avail mobile optimized stores.

With Shopify Customer support, Online sellers can completely rely on timely and organized customer communication. It is the easiest way to communicate with preoccupied widgets, messaging templates and different channel customer coordination.

10.Multiple control under one window, more channels for sales! 

Shopify has been optimized for Amazon, eBay, and different social media platforms as well. It provides the best combination for bringing all your channels together at the exact same price. The presence of your brand reaches beyond the online store, which is now available in different Social Media platforms, Messaging apps, online Communities and even in real life. Your brand is now everywhere. And everyone knows about it. What could be better than this?

In conclusion, Shopify is the best platform to opt for, if you are up for a startup or for running your internationally established business. It is user-friendly, flexible to use, guarantees high security with an efficient support system and a vast channel to reach out to. Last but not least it is very much budget-friendly compared to the others.


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