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Top 7 Factors You Have To Keep In Mind While Choosing Products For Your ECommerce Store in this COVID Era

So, how is life right now? Are things still the same as it was a few months earlier?

The answer is an absolute ‘NO’.

Well, the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us one thing, in particular, that is everything has changed and things will never be the same again.

In consideration of the current situation we all are witnessing some serious changes in our lives. These changes are not just curtailed to our livelihood but have also extended their branches to how we run our online stores. 

Did you know that the COVID-19 pandemic has laid some serious impacts on the retail market

Well, it turns out that as a result of this impact the e-commerce sector is foreseeing some major twists and turns. We as the online sellers are witnessing changes in buyer’s preferences and the type of products that are presently most in demand. 

Now, I would like to ask, if you will still keep a check on the same conditions while selling products online as you did earlier?

I hope not. 

Today, I have put forward to you some of the main aspects that you should have your eye on whilst booming your eCommerce sales.

Let’s go,

  • Trend:

As individuals, our demands are changing. The COVID-19 pandemic has altered our needs completely. Consumers or buyers are now looking for essential commodities specifically and keeping the luxury at a bay. Do you own an eCommerce portal? If the answer is Yes, then it would be of your advantage to list products as per the current demand trend of the buyers. Understanding what your customers are looking for and what products can benefit them the most in the current situation should be taken care of by you.  If you can serve the consumers with exactly what they need then nothing can stop your eCommerce business from flourishing.  

  • Source:

This particular aspect hardly mattered a few months back but today it is of utmost importance. You may ask Why? Well, international shipping has been blocked, and delayed. The focus now is solely on indigenous commodities and production sources. Both the government and the customers are preferring products from domestic hubs rather than from the other side. Today most buyers are looking for the products which maintain the same quality and price as the ones which were imported earlier. So, you as an online seller should aim to provide just the same to your buyers. Start by attaining a domestic source and supplier under the same.

  • Pack:

Why should you provide combo offers or combo value packs? In this current phase, you must be well aware that nobody is doing that great in monetary terms. Among all, the middle-class people have been affected the most due to the global recession that is taking place. Combo value packs can be a remedy to this problem. Firstly, they are multifunctional and secondly, they seem like an economical choice. Overall this type of packs and offers can attract the attention of the immense middle-class audience. Whilst they get what they need you can sit back and enjoy a satisfactory profit earning.  

  • Price:

At the time of shopping we all are a big fan of attracting even the slightest of bargains. Aren’t we? Similarly your buyers are looking for the same at the time of online shopping. It is advisable that at the time of selecting products and particularly when doing product listing, you compare the products well enough. Compare it with the prices of similar products from other eCommerce portals. Research if similar substitutes are available anywhere else. Examine and offer your buyers with the products that hold sufficient exemplary qualities and are budget-friendly at the same time. 

  • Shipping:

Haven’t you worked your ass off in procuring the perfect product along with its beautiful real-life images? But, when it comes to shipping it feels like you are laying your brand’s trust in someone else’s hand. As complicated as it may sound shipping is a crucial part of your business. This is the point where your customer actually experiences your product in reality or in person. Be certain to estimate the appropriate shipping charges. For instance, products that carry less volume and weigh a bare minimum hold a lower shipping cost than the other. Once this calculation is done, choose a reliable source for delivering the products. Deliver under the best conditions and get the reward of a happy customer. 

  • Safety:

What matters the most now? Safety does. Yes, considering the current pandemic that we are going through safety comes above all. Do keep a check on the products you sell. Make sure that they undergo the most crucial concern of the time being that they should be properly cleaned or even better if they are well sanitized. It is advisable if you go through a detailed examination in regard to how securely they are being manufactured. At this time of crisis your brands’ reputation and goodwill wholly depend on the secure and hygienic methods you attain. Do not forget to notify your customers of the same and earn their trust and reliability. 

  • Rating & Review:

Did you know that every buyer invests a lot of their time in reading product reviews and ratings? Yes, they do that. In fact, product reviews are a substantial source that represents social proof. Product descriptions and pictures are a good way to gain their trust, but an even better way is having reviews from real buyers on your eCommerce website. This gives your customer a comprehensive overview. This is even a great way to build customer trust and gain the confidence of new customers when they are in doubt of investing their money on a new brand

There are a million eCommerce portals on the web today. Standing out and serving your customers with exactly what they want is the essential feature of a successful eCommerce site. Make sure your products and after-sale services hold a good standard to obtain that precious buyer’s trust. The top 7 discussed points can be of utmost help in regard to the present changes that the eCommerce sector is observing. 

Stay safe and sell well!

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