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Usage of Artificial Intelligence (AI) In Modern Day Back-end Processing

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Do you know what is Artificial Intelligence (AI)? or Any idea about Back-end Processing? Artificial Intelligence is programming that mimics human-like behavior such as learning, problem-solving, pattern identification, and so on. It is like working with an artificial human brain. Now, about back-end processing, it’s the collection of all the office procedures required to run a business. These are the clerical or secretarial practices that every business needs. Let’s discuss some useful tools developed with AI Technology to minimize your manual time and effort in business.

Multiple Email Sourcing

Does your business require daily communication with your potential customers? Do you use a manual process for email sourcing? Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning help with this process to make it automated and free from manual labor.

i) MailChimp

MailChimp is an AI-powered web-based email marketing service. It lets you market your business with targeted emails, social ads, landing pages, postcards, and many more. It can, even, send up to 2000 emails a day to minimize your time of writing to each customer individually.

ii) Aweber

This simple and free to use email marketing service has a smart design assistant that can build amazing email templates in seconds, send automated personalized emails. Their simple and powerful AI system allows systematic operation of complete account migration.

Wide Contact Extraction

You must have to have accurate data on useful business correspondence contacts from the very beginning. AI plays a vital role in this. You can pull out relevant data with the help of specific AI tools to easily perform this back-end task.

i) Hunter.io

Hunter.io is a powerful contact extraction software application. It offers features like Domain Search, Email Finder, and Email Verifier that uses AI and data science to perform the task efficiently.

ii) ZoomInfo

ZoomInfo is an AI-powered cloud-based intelligence platform that has a huge database of information about contacts of companies and businesses. Do you need proper info about registered businesses? It’s just one click away.

Designing Personalized e-products

Artificial Intelligence is also used in designing e-products as well. With the help of AI, you can create a design at a faster rate by analyzing a vast amount of data and suggest design alteration and modification.

i) Printify

Printify is an AI-powered software that lets you design according to your choice. You can pick from over 200 different products offered in their catalog, customize the prints, and order samples from your chosen print providers before finally publishing your product.

ii) Printful

Printful is an AI-powered tool online platform offering services like ‘Print On Demand’, ‘Sell online without inventory’, ‘Use warehousing and Fulfillment’, ‘Dropshipping’, and many more. It lets you customize with the help of their attractive Product Catalog and Design Maker.

Attracting Targeted Audience

To succeed as a new business, you will need to reach a wide audience group. AI helps to create customized ads, suggest related products, create responsive search ads to boost your business.

i) Facebook Ads

This AI-powered application lets you direct ads to your target audience based on the data and algorithms that are fed by the users. Facebook ads use a Basic AI system to process the data and generate ad matching individual preferences to capture undivided attention.

ii) Instagram Ads

Instagram uses Artificial Intelligence to collect, sort, and process data to drive targeted ads to its users. AI is a powerful tool to know about the taste and preferences of your prospective customers to direct the right kinds of ads towards them.

Maintaining Online Directories

You will definitely require online directories to find the company’s name, address, contact information, website details, and much more. There are plenty of AI tools ideal to manage stores and organize the data.

i) Zillow

Zillow is an online real estate marketplace that uses AI Intelligence to process the humongous amount of data available on their website. AI fetches relevant search results based on the information given by the user.

Artificial Intelligence perceives its environment and takes significant actions that result in the achievement of desired goals. AI development tools help you manage your website’s back-end processing in a clean and efficient manner.




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